Kingdom Consulting was able to swiftly react to the COVID-19 pandemic with our ability to quickly and reliably source high in demand PPE healthcare products at competitive prices due to our exclusive agent agreements with manufacturers and suppliers. Our strategic partner; the former head of sales at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals procured directly from manufacturers and/or distributors of 3M and other manufactured products. As a result we have been able to develop a solid network in the Healthcare sector around the globe.


Kingdom Consulting took the highest security measures to supply Respirators, Ventilators, Covid-19 Test Kits, Medical PPE to Governments around the world. As the global pandemic deepened and the human cost of Covid-19 rose, the novel coronavirus outbreak sent shock waves through the world economy. Governments, Industries, and companies took action to protect their citizens, employees and customers to minimise the health and economic damage.

Kingdom Consulting secured draft Purchase Orders in the monetrary value of hundreds of millions of Pounds (GBP) with the UK Government, Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Ministry of Defence (MOD) and The Oxford University NHS Trust which is one the largest healthcare trusts in the UK as well as other Government bodies around the world including the United States.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread and the human cost grew, Kingdom Consulting responded with leadership also managing critical business issues tied directly to the health crisis.

Demand for urgent care equipment and supplies outstripped production capacity, while elective procedures were declining. With healthcare experts and providers warning of critical shortages of medical equipment to cope with the crisis, manufacturers prepared to meet a wartime need scenario.

At the time and more than ever, the business had a crucial role to play in protecting people’s health, bolstering the economy, and developing both practical solutions and game-changing innovations that would shape the recovery and beyond.

We were in a position to supply products such as UK/EU/FDA (US)  approved testing kits, Vaccine Passports Schemes, 3M Products and Respirators, Ventilators, Vaccines, Gowns as well as various other critical Personal Protection Products (PPE).

Our partnership with a Vaccine Passport provider was also presented to major Airport operators in the United Kingdom such as Heathrow and Manchester Airports Group (MAG). MAG comprises of Manchester International, London Stansted and East Midland Airports as well as being the leading airports commercial services provider in the United States.

Kingdom Consulting also provided innovative technologies such as the partnership with the Covid Gun device, which could detect Covid infection without invasive procedure using a single scan laser beam. This was being viewed as particularly useful in settings such as airports, seaports and major sporting venues where large numbers of people would pass through or congregate.

At Kingdom Consulting we’re working with companies around the world to manage the impact of the coronavirus on all aspects of the industry, with actions ranging from rapid responses to more fundamental, strategic shifts.

We also help governments and organisations look much further ahead and envision how the crisis would continue to affect the competitive environment and what society would need in the following coming months and years.

In the face of these upheavals, we look to examine near-term implications and offer an action plan to help governments; organisations and healthcare providers support their people, cope with fast-changing demands, and prepare for longer-term structural changes to the industry.

Kingdom Consulting continues to assist governments, organisations and the healthcare sector with its PPE requirements. It also has structured and developed it healthcare services in the development of other mainstream healthcare products. This includes niche technologies in recycling of multiple types of mulitple PPE products and bio waste in hospital environments. We also facilitate investment opportunities in R&D of new technologies and cancer research.

During this crucial and critical time of need Kingdom Consulting worked hard continuously to nurse our world back to health and to overcome the huge global challenges together.

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